Snow’s BBQ

Photography & retouching: Jeroen Nieuwhuis
Assistant: Enzo Schmidlin

This project involved two of my favorite things to do, photography and BBQ. Ever since I saw Netflix’s Chef’s Table episode where they highlighted Ms. Tootsie, the 88-year-old pitmaster, this was something I just had to experience. I was fortunate enough to spend a whole night seeing Ms. Tootsie, Kerry, Clay, and the rest of Snow’s crew working their magic that makes people from all over the world stand in line for up to 12 hours (!) trying to get a plate of smoked meats in the morning.

Snow’s BBQ is a renowned Texas barbecue restaurant located in the small town of Lexington roughly an hour outside of Austin, Texas. Snow’s is open ONLY on Saturdays from 8 AM until they run out of meat, often around noon. Visitors arriving after 7 AM usually have a big chance of standing in line for hours just to hear that they ran out of meat.