Jeroen Nieuwhuis is a commercial portraiture photographer based in the Netherlands. He is a co-owner of NEW DAY studio, a film- and photography studio working for global brands like Heineken, JBL, Magnum, Philips, Mentos, Shimano, and Samsung. Besides his commercial work, multiple personal projects gained international attention, for example, winning the Red Bull Illume in the category close-up, multiple awards at the Prix de la Photographie Paris and the International Photo Awards .

NEW DAY studio was founded by Erik Journée (cinematographer) and Jeroen Nieuwhuis (photographer). The studio is our creative playground with a large cyclorama wall, green screens, backgrounds, high-quality camera and lighting equipment. Ideal for all types of photography and film productions. Together with our integrated high-end sound studio, the entire post-production is in one hand: from post-processing, color grading and retouch, to audio and mastering.


Red Bull Illume 2013 | Winner in category close-up
PX3 2020 | Gold winner portraiture/personality professional
PX3 2020 | Silver winner portraiture/personality professionalPX3 2020 | Silver winner advertising/other professional (2x)
PX3 2020 | Honorable mention portraiture/culture professional (2x) International Photography Awards 2020 | Honorable mention (3x)