Client: Shimano
Client representative: Erik van Kooten
Agency: Doorrood
Art director: Raimond Wamelink & Dewi Hoppe
Account manager: Rinske Ormel
Photography: Jeroen Nieuwhuis
Producer: Roxanna Patawala
Assistents: Jasper Boeve, Ramon Olthof, Steyn van der Veen, Ziggy Hemme
Make-up artist: Michelle Voogd
3D background: Elroy Klee & Delano Klee
Post-production: Elroy Klee, Jeroen Nieuwhuis, Raimond Wamelink

Global campaign for Shimano’s flagship, the Dura-Ace system. Photographed with the legendary all-around winning cyclist Mathieu van der Poel, Coryn Rivera, and others.

The shoot itself was a big production puzzle because of the schedules of the different riders, location, and the arrival of the first product. A few weeks prior to the actual shooting days we had a test day where we photographed every angle needed for the campaign with a test rider and figured out where all the lights needed to be placed. This ensured us that we knew actually how the images needed to be shot because we had limited time with every rider.

Good solid preparation was key to run this campaign smoothly.
Big thanks to the entire crew who made this project possible!