Els Enfarinats

The Floured Ones

Photography & retouching: Jeroen Nieuwhuis
Assistant: Drikus Booijink
The annual festival takes place in the town of Ibi in Alicante, Spain on December 28, as part of celebrations related to the Day of the Innocents. In the day-long festival, participants known as the Els Enfarinats dress up in mock military clothing and stage a mock coup d’état. They redeem their authority under a blaze of fireworks, flour bombs, and eggs. For a brief two-hour period I found myself in a warzone. 
I was thrilled, scared, and exhausted at the same time. This was something far out of my comfort zone as what my shoots normally look like. I didn’t have the ‘luxury’ of directing people. I just had to document what was evolving in front of me. My assistant Drikus was carrying my flash and tried to aim the light at the scene I was shooting, which was a very hard thing to do because the scenes changed so rapidly. 
To be honest I was not sure if I even had just one good image until we were back in our hotel and I saw the images on my laptop. I hope these images give a slight glimpse of the insane chaos we entered.