Vimercati Hats

Made in Italy

Client: Vimercati Hats
Director & Photography: Jeroen Nieuwhuis
Cinematography: Ramon Olthof & Ties Olthuis
Edit: Ties Olthuis
Grading: Ramon Olthof
Assistants: Bram van Benthem & Tim Brinkman
Sound Engineering: Joey van Ingen
Translator: Carla Limatola
Behind the scenes video: Bram van Benthem

After World War II, the whole industry changed.

The city of Monza has a rich history of producing this wearable art by hand, but unfortunately, they are the only ones left. The modernization that happened in the ’50s led to a decrease in production and by the 70s most of the factories shut down.

But they never stopped.

Pino Vimercati started making hats in the fall of 1953 when his dad and his brother started their factory. At that time he was just a kid, 13 years old, but fascinated by the craft. The steam that surrounded the felt, the care with which it was handled, the many piles of hats ready for shipment, and the machinery from the 19th century that they still use to this day.

All hats are made by hand with wooden molds or by manual processes using special machines in a completely artisanal way with dozens of steps between shaping, shaving, and finishing.

Care for process and detail is now forgotten by those who have opted for modern industrialization at the expense of the product.

Today the third generation of the Vimercati family is running the factory. They are grateful to share the importance of preserving this craft and to pay tribute to the historical art and cultural heritage for which the city of Monza was so known.

This is the definition of ‘Made in Italy’.
This is a hat from the FF.lli Vimercati hat factory.